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Now the Petro-Bag is Obsolete: a 15 minute solution to dog poop

September 21, 2010

Pooper Scooper created out of ubiquitous yogurt container by Create Plenty

Step One-Bucket: Find a 32 oz or larger sized yogurt container with a lid.

Step Two-Handle: Poke two holes close together on each side near the top of the container and affix twine or other sturdy string.

Step Three-Scoop/Lid: Make a slit in the lid and poke the handle of a sizeable scooper through it. A plastic slotted spoon will do. Buy a metal or wooden one to replace the plastic one. It may be tainting your food.

Step Four-Use: Walk your doggy. Use the scooper bucket as necessary. When you return home, dispose of poo in a newspaper and toss in the trash. No need to preserve dog waste for posterity by using plastic. If there’s anything future generations or species don’t need to deduce from our era, it’s that we were religious preservationists of dog poop. Anyone know if you can flush dog feces down the toilet?

Step Five (optional): Comment and let us know how it worked for you.