Day 10, Leave No Plastic Behind, Merida, Mexico


Day 10, Leave No Plastic Behind, Merida, Mexico

by Cheryl Lohrmann

Today, before hunkering down to prepare for our first workshops later this week, Morgan and I went to Merida’s main market. Probably as big, or bigger than any Super Walmart, without the aisles, it is a sort of one stop shopping if the things you need include shoes, a guayabera, huipiles, books, hardware, spices, fruits, flowers, vegetables, and other bulk goods that put the best food coop to shame. It is a producers mecca for the everyday Meridian. We kindly excused the plastic bags they would begin to fill with our purchase, explaining that there was enough plastic in the world. Well you gotta put it out there.

In the fishing town last week, we visited a few women who were making tortillitas. They were immersed in their regular work of hand grinding hard coconut meats, adding some sweet spices to the mash, forming golf ball sized pieces to be flattened in a hand press and cooking them on a large cast iron griddle. As they slipped several tasty discs into small plastic bags Morgan happened to be explaining the plastic project to them. They were respectful, but had that same glimmer in their eyes as the vendors. It said, “good luck with that.” 

For us, the problem takes more explaining than a commercial transaction can hold. Also, we do have the luxury to have such a concern along with the time to act upon it.

Morgan is putting together the video presentation for Thursday and I have created a plastic mandala to use for artistic examples. It’ll get out there. We don’t think we have enough of anything, supplies especially, but resourcefulness is our message, too.


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