Escape Artist


by Cheryl Lohrmann

I leave for Mexico in 6 hours if all goes well, to bring the plastic quilt project beyond the border with my own two hands! It’s time to really seriously dig into this work, so in anticipation of my home-buyer tax credit, I quit my day job to pursue it whole-heartedly. Not right away, though. Two weeks for resting in Baja (where I’m sure I’ll still be put to work in some way since I’ll be there with my colleague, Sola Adenekan). The following four weeks will be spent in the Yucatan, where I hope to find out I haven’t completely forgotten the Spanish language I studied intensively 7 years earlier in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I’m so glad to be going back to that beautiful country. I remember telling myself I would.

My former co-worker at Oregon Wild and friend, Morgan Lange, approached me via email that I ought to come and do the plastic project down where she is currently living full time. She doesn’t want me to publish the name because it’s such a gem she wants to keep secret. How many of those are left? I will honor her request.

The challenge, as with any mission similar to this, is not to doom-say or order people around, but it is to bring the subject to light, including how enjoyable and necessary it is to provide solutions for  your own local community. I’m  excited about this endeavor on two fronts: the visual arts minister in Mérida, Mexico is helping to promote the project and Morgan believes the people in the village will be very eager to take up the challenge of becoming a plastic free community. They already make a lot of their own local products. They even deliver themselves, ice cream truck style, except with different bells so you know the bread man from the produce truck. Morgan and I will be demonstrating ways to make their own body care products, so perhaps by the end we’ll have our own bell to ring.

I’m exhausted from taking care of details at home, and am very eager for what awaits in a few short hours. The rest part is looking the best right now.  I’ll be posting as regularly as I have access to the correct technology.


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