Dana Fenwick – Tempted by artistic desire!


Words from Leave No Plastic Behind “Plastic Quilt Project” artists continue with Dana Fenwick. Works can be seen through June 2009 at SCRAP RE:Vision Gallery, 2915 NE MLK, during their regular business hours or online soon at http://www.LNPB.org. Opening party tomorrow night 6-8 p.m. Come for snacks, music and raffle with some helpful prizes. 

This was a great challenge! My will power for challenging the main stream ebbs and flows. Some days it’s hard to focus on the more abstract larger picture of landfills, plastic leaching and water pollution. Other issues more immediately touching my life seem more urgent-lunch on the go, coffee to get thru a long work day or an unexpected stop the grocery store. Hopefully projects likes this will help raise enough awareness that the mainstream is eventually changed and so then it isn’t so darn hard to be plastic free! I also felt challenged by the urge to make more plastic waste if that plastic just happened to fit my art project! Once I started focusing on making collage out of cut up coffee straws I wanted more coffee straws, of as many colors and sizes as possible…of course I resisted the urge!


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