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From Leave No Plastic Behind, Olympia – #4

May 28, 2009

Ocean of Plastic









Diane Kurzyna (a.k.a. Ruby Reusable) “Ocean of Plastic”

This square is made from crocheted plastic bags that the newpaper is delivered in; I know that I could read the paper on-line, but prefer to cozy up to the print edition, and also reading it first thing in the morning, while still in my pjs, so I don’t go out and purchase it sans bag. During the rainy weather here in the Pacific Northwest, I do appreciate a dry newspaper, even if these bags accumalate way to quickly, I just can not give them up … I do save and reuse and/or recycle them.

The little white plastic thingies were collected over these past 3 months from the cartons of milk and juice that my family and I have consumed. We save the cartons to collect our compostable food wastes (which the City of Olympia picks up curbside now), the cartons are compostable but of course, the plastic lid and liner is not compostable nor recyclable, and so I save them for art projects. 

I have to admit, despite being aware of trying to avoid using plastic, it is overwhelming. I try not feel like a failure for not being able to live a plastic-free lifestyle, but rather reaffirm my commitment to at least attempting to reduce (as well as reusing and recycling). Until manufacturers are forced to take stewardship over their products disposal, we will be awash in oceans of plastic (hence the title of my piece).