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Vs. verses (LNPB)

April 6, 2009

Having stumbled thru the pre-Episode 5 winter kickyerplastic addiction, and moved with seamless effort into stumbling thru Episode 5 realtime I have a collection of “either-or” questions to ask you Veterans of the Plastic–


Toilet paper: I like to buy the stuff made from recycled paper, BUT all of it comes wrapped in plastic. The few brands that come wrapped in paper are made of virgin pulp. So- who’s hiding the secret stash of recycled toilet paper wrapped in (recycled) paper and how can I get some too?

Cheese: all that comes wrapped in plastic too. Even from our Olympia Food Co-op. Now, I do like the fresh Mozi from the Farmer’s Market, but it’s got limited use. Great in a salad, lousy in a toasty. What’s a Cheddar head to do?

Moving on to another dairy product, Yogurt: anybody have luck making yogurt that doesn’t make you make a face? Before I shell out 50 clams for a yogurt maker, I’d like to know if it’s possible to get a smooth, congealed and notsodamn tart product.

What do y’all know about the composition of butcher paper? the kind you actually get from a meat counter with product in it. The guy at the counter said “it’s waxed” but it looks like a thin plastic film adfixed to the paper.  Anybody know what it really is?

Thanks in advance for any illumination you can bring. Not only do I ask for myself, but friends and co-workers ask me about these things as well. As you can see by the questions, all we think about is food!

I truly look forward to being involved with LNPB in this adventure and to meeting you who are other participants. Best of luck, Lhisa

“Want not to waste, waste not to want”